Chair - Governance Working Group, Sovrin Foundation

Trust Framework Governance

Our experience in global security frameworks can be applied to protect your security and blockchain network


We handle the most technical compliance projects such as public key infrastructure, blockchain applications and digital identity to make stakeholders more efficient, accountable, and  profitable.

"Scott's deep understanding of how trust assurance really works has been invaluable in his leadership of the development of the Sovrin Trust Assurance Framework. He has helped all parties on the Sovrin Network understand their accountable role in conducting reliable digital transactions" 


TO Enable trustworthy digital transactions in an insecure cyberspace


CTO, DigiCert

"Scott demonstrated a very strong commitment to excellent technical audit and technical advisory services. As our external auditor he held us accountable, provided technical insight, and provided excellent guidance to myself and my team. His professional guidance and insights helped us maintain technical operating excellence." 

"Scott has proven to be very thorough and knowledgeable, not just as an auditor, but also as an advisor to our executive team.  His contributions have been essential in helping us to be more accountable to our customers and the the public at large" 


Our employees and partners are of the highest caliber to bring meaningful value to every engagement. 


We are a globally recognized Firm specialized in PKI, identity and cybersecurity standards

We are the Firm that those who secure the Internet use to assure their infrastructure and keep stakeholders accountable. We not only audit against global standards, we are active in shaping them.


Former PMA Chair & Information Assurance Engineering Manager for Identity & Cyber Security, Lockheed Martin

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